In addition to gifts of cash, donors sometimes ask if they can make their contribution through publicly traded stock, mutual fund shares, retirement fund assets, life insurance policies, real estate, planned gifts, and other forms of payment. The following information may be helpful in answering these questions.

Estate and other planned gifts, such as bequests and trusts, are most welcome and appreciated.  If a donor would like to speak to someone about any of these methods of giving, please contact Stephen J. Nicholl, Director of Development for the Diocese of Trenton, for a confidential conversation.  An irrevocable planned gift will be included in the parish goal.

Many companies have a matching gift plan to encourage employee philanthropy.  Often they come with restrictions that must be adhered to in order to qualify. Please be aware that many companies exclude religious organizations.  If you are considering a matching gift, please obtain the application from your company to see if gifts to the campaign would be eligible for a match. If you are unsure, please call Mariann Gilbride, Associate Director of Development, at (609) 403 – 7146 to discuss your company’s match.  We will assist you with the process.  Gifts that are eligible will count toward your parish goal.

Gifts of real estate will be handled on a case by case basis.   If you would like the diocese to consider a gift of real estate, please contact Stephen J. Nicholl, Director of Development for the Diocese of Trenton.  It will be the responsibility of the donor to have the property appraised by an independent agent for the purpose of establishing the value of the charitable tax donation.

Instructions for Gifts of Publicly Traded Stock

Gifts of Securities:

The Diocese of Trenton has made arrangements with Wells Fargo Brokerage to assist anyone wishing to contribute to our Endowment Campaign by means of transfer of stocks or other marketable securities.

Securities held in Street Name:

If securities are held by your broker in street name, please instruct him or her to wire transfer the shares to:

US Bank NA
Depository Trust Company
DTC # 2803
US Bank Account # 001050997776
Account Name: Diocese of Trenton Gift Account

Upon the transfer of the securities, please phone Stephen J. Nicholl in the Development Office at (609) 403-7128 or send a letter to the Campaign Office, 701 Lawrenceville Road, Trenton, NJ 08648, Attn: Stephen J. Nicholl, along with the following information:

  • Your name, as donor
  • Your address
  • Your parish
  • The number of shares and the name of the securities delivered
  • Originating broker

This will ensure that you will receive proper credit and an acknowledgement letter stating the market value of your donation.

Securities held in Certificate Form (Registered in the Name of the Donor):

If you are donating securities for which you have the certificate in your name, please do the following:

  • Do not sign the certificate.
  • Sign a separate stock power and have your signature guaranteed by your broker or your bank. Call the Development Office at (609) 403-7197 for the stock power.
  • Write a letter of transfer stating that you are donating the stock to the Diocese of Trenton’s Faith to Move Mountains Campaign. Be sure to include the following information:
      • Number of shares and name of securities
      • Your name, as donor
      • Your address
      • Your parish
  • Mail the stock certificate (certified mail, return receipt) to:

Faith to Move Mountains Campaign
701 Lawrenceville Road
Trenton, NJ 08648
Attn: Mariann Gilbride

  • Mail the letter of transfer and stock power separate from the stock certificate to the above address.

If you have any additional questions, please call Mariann Gilbride in the Diocesan Development Office (609) 403-7146.

Jewelry, art, and other tangible objects of value should be sold by the donor and the proceeds donated to the campaign.

Not accepted are gifts of Time Shares, mobile homes or cars.

It is the responsibility of the donor to consult with a tax advisor or attorney for the purpose of determining tax deductibility.  A tax substantiation letter will be provided.